15 Minute Policy

In order to to ensure  a high quality and consistent experience to all of our guests, we enforce a strict 15 minute late policy. 

If you believe you will be late by excess of 15 minutes, please call our front desk so that we can reschedule appropriately. 



24 hour Policy

If you believe you cannot make your scheduled appointment, we ask that you notify us within 24 hours so that we can either reschedule or cancel your appointment.

Any cancellations or no shows within the 24 hour time frame before the scheduled appointment will result in a 50% charge of booked services.

Mask Policy

COVID-19 safety 

Here at Juel we take pride in knowing that our clients can feel safe when entering our doors. We have enhanced our experience through diligent sanitation and cleaning in our everyday practices.


We respectfully ask that you go by the following guidelines:

​A.  If your stylist requests that you wear a mask, please do so.


B.  If you request that your stylist wear a mask they will gladly do so.

2 week redo


2 week

Any redo request made after 2 weeks from original service will result in being charged full-service prices. Upon scheduling a redo within the 2 weeks given, we will make every effort to assure that you are satisfied and that the mistakes are corrected.

We do not issue refunds on services.